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**A health certificate (including negative stool sample) is required before consultations, evaluations & trainings. 

Behavior Consulting


Behavior consultations are for dogs that are showing behaviors that are difficult to live with, such as separation anxiety, aggression, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, etc. Dogs should be seen by their veterinarian before a behavior consultation to rule out any medical issues. 


Fee with Certified Behaviorist: 90 minute initial appointment $95.00; Follow-Up 60 minute appointment $55.00. ($25.00 non-refundable deposit required within 7 days fo scheduling)


Fee with Behavior Specialist: 90 minute initial appointment $85.00; Follow-Up 60 minute appointment $50.00. ($25.00 non-refundable deposit required within 7 days fo scheduling)


In-Home Fee: 90 minute initial appointment $130.00; Follow-Up 60 minute appointment $80.00 (Laramie area only) ($25.00 non-refundable deposit required within 7 days fo scheduling)

Contact us for fees outside of the Laramie Area. 


Private Training


Private training is a one-on-one training session, covering basic obedience and manners. 


Fee: 60 minute appointment $40.00


Training Package: 5, 60 minute lessons for $180.00


In-Home Fee: 60 minute appointment $50.00  (Laramie area only)

In-Home Training Package: 5, 60 minute lessons for $200.00 (Laramie area only)




If you are unsure if your dog is ready for a group class or are unsure of which class is appropriate based on your dogs skill level, an evaluation might be a great option. An evaluation is a 30 minute appointment with an instructor to assess your dog's level of training and sociability. The cost for an evaluation is $20.00. 


Any dog that has been quarantined for biting or has had any biting incident that drew blood or resulted in the removal of a body part, must have a behavior consultation prior to being evaluated for a class or registering for a class.  

Group Classes


Group classes focus on obedience, socialization, distraction training, and the APDT's CLASS objectives. All of this is accomplished by using positive behavior modification methods. All classes are limited to 7 dogs. There are two instructors to insure individual attention. All classes are 55 minutes in length. 



Early Einsteins (under 6 months): Play time is  involved in this class along with learning the basic skills of attention to name, sit, down, stay, off, say hello, walking on leash and come. The goals of this class are to help owners begin the training process while encouraging socialization and manners. Fee: $100 for 6 weeks


Beginning DaVincis (over 6 months): This class teaches the same basic skills as the Early Einstein’s: attention to name, sit, down, stay, off, say hello, walking on leash and come. There is no play time in this class due to the wide range of ages of the dogs. During this class you will be taught appropriate meet and greet of two adult dogs in a safe and low stress manner. Fee: $100 for 6 weeks


Nearly NewtonsA focus on timing and refining skills. Working on hand only signals, improving speed of reaction to cues, and expanding your dog's attention with increasing distractions. Also, a decreased reliance on treats will be encouraged.  Passing the Early Einsteins or Beginning DaVincis course is required to register for Nearly Newtons. Fee: $95 for 6 weeks


Canine Good Citizenship preparation and testing: This class is structured around the AKC's CGC test. In this class we work on the required test items, manners, and increasing your dogs response to basic skills. The final week of class we will test you and your dog. Passing the CGC test is required in order to enter the Advanced Aristotle's, Therapy or Shakespeare in the Park classes.  Passing the Early Einsteins or Beginning DaVincis course is required to register for CGC. Fee: $95 for 6 weeks


Canine Good Citizenship Test Only: Contact us to schedule a time. Fee: $20 for non-class participants


Therapy Dog Certification Preparation: The therapy class is designed to prepare your dog to be tested and certified to do therapy work. This class should prepare you to be successful on any therapy test offered as well as preparing you for the realities of therapy work. Most therapy teams will repeat this class several times prior to being tested. A CGC certificate is required to enter this class. Fee: $85 (Starting July 1, 2018 $90.00)for 6 weeks (There is a fee for administration of the certification test: time and day arranged on individual basis).


Therapy Dog Certification Test/RecertificationRockinE Training offers Therapy Dog certification. Our program involves earning AKC's CGC (Canine Good Citizen), handler multiple choice test and team skills test. We offer Therapy Dog Certification testing twice a year.  Fee: $30 for class participants;    $40 for non-class participants


Shakespeare in the Park: This class is offered in the summer and involves going to a different park in Laramie each week. This class works on "reality" training. This is our only class that has more than 7 dogs. On average this class will have 4 instructors and 12 dogs, and is by far our most in demand class. A CGC certificate is required to enter this class.  $90 for 6 weeks


Advanced Aristotles: This is a class that works on high level training. Some of the skills worked on during this class include distance stays, heel off leash, recalls with high level distractions, and obstacles. A CGC certificate is required to enter this class. Fee: $90 for 6 weeks 


Beginning & Intermediate Agility: In these classes you and your dog will be guided on how to use the agility equipment safely.  Some of the agility rules and guidelines will be discussed, but the focus for this class is simply to have fun safely.  The goal of this class is to continue building a positive relationship with your dog. Class is held at our matted, indoor facility. Pre-requisite: Continuing RockinE client, pass Canine Good Citizenship test (intermediate agility only) or permission of instructor  Fee: $95 for 6 weeks 


Agility Drop In: Use our agility equipment and matted facility to enhance your agility skills. You must set up and take down the equipment. $30/hr for 2 dogs; $40/hr for 3 dogs; (maximum of 3 dogs) Contact us for available times and additional information.


DDRP (Dog-to-Dog Reactive Program) / BAT (Behavior Adjustment Training): This class is specifically for dogs who act in a reactive manner toward people and other dogs (barking, highly aroused, out of control behaviors). DDRP is a 6 week class limited to 4 dogs and their owners. The first week is without your dog!   All DDRP/BAT participants MUST attend one behavior session prior to enrollment or have permission of the instructor if already attending a class.  Necessary equipment – Hands Free Leash or 6’leather leash, Shoulder-clip Body Harness (available from RockinE).  There are 2 instructors to insure personal attention.  Fee: $110 for 6 weeks 


Assistance/Service Dog Training


For those of you who need help training your own service dog, we can provide assistance. Once you have passed the CGC test, your advanced level training will begin. Please download the training log and track your hours training as well as locations. It is important to record your training. After completing your CGC test,  it takes anywhere from 200  to 400 hours to train your dog to the Service/Assistance Dog level.  Well done reaching the CGC level, keep up the good work!  Fee and Times to be determined.










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