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RockinE COVID-19 Policies


  1. In accordance with current CDC recommendations, Rockin E encourages, but does not require, masks to be worn by staff or clients while in our building when our COVID-19 community level is medium to high. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please do so! We will continue to do our best to maintain social distancing throughout class.


  1. Clients will wait outside until called in, then enter through the south door. This is to minimize bottle-necking in the waiting area before classes.


  1. Staff and clients exhibiting COVID-19 or flu like symptoms should not enter the building.


  1. If you come down with COVID-19, please stay home and notify RockinE. 


  1. In accordance with CDC guidelines, if you have COVID-19, please wear a mask in the building for 5 days after your home quarantine has ended.

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